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Madrid: The "Tio Pepe" landmark sign as seen from Puerta del Sol; a "big-head" sculpture at the RENFE-Atocha station ; Plaza Mayor; Royal Palace and Almundena Cathedral; baroque and art nouveau architecture; Crystal Palace in Retiro Park; night scenes from Sol.

Toledo: Multi-cultural center of medieval Spain, and site of one of the world's largest the gothic cathedrals -- dating from 1226.

El Escorial: Once a monastery in the town of San Lorenzo, Escorial was recast in the 16th century as the repository for the wealth of King Filipe II (and of Spain). A combined museum, church, library, tomb, meeting rooms; living quarters.

La Granja de San Idelfonso: A short distance from Segovia lies the Palace of Felipe V . Built in 1721 this Bourbon-style estate was modeled after the Palace at Versailles and is known for its spectacular gardens and statuary.

Segovia: Famous for its Gothic and Romanesque architecture, its Alcazar fortress, poet Antonio Machado, and especially for its Roman aqueduct. The latter is an impressive structure of great historic significance that rises nearly 100 feet with 165 "perfect" Roman arches, and was built of 20,000 massive granite blocks without the use of mortar or cement. Built in 1st century AD this structure is still operational today.